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Our longtime listeners might recall that back in 2004 we did our very first listener countdown – the 885 All Time Greatest Songs, followed by 11 more years of countdowns.

As we head towards the end of 2020, we’re bringing back the All Time Greatest Songs Countdown, only this time we’ll be playing back the two thousand and twenty all-time greatest songs. But we need your help. We’re looking for you to cast your vote for up to ten songs that you consider to be the ALL TIME GREATEST songs. As we’ve done in past countdowns, the voting is weighted, so your #1 song choice will be valued at 10 points; your #2 song choice will be valued at 9 points, etc. down to your #10 song which will be valued at 1 point. Help shape the sound of The 2020 Countdown!

Everyone who votes in The 2020 Countdown is automatically entered for a chance to win an Echo Show 10.


Thanks to all who voted! The 2020 Countdown playback will begin on Thursday, December 10. Tune in to see how many of your picks made the final list!

The 2020 Countdown is made possible with support from
Penn LPS Online at the University of Pennsylvania
Masters of Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania

Support for the 2020 All Time Greatest Songs Countdown is Made Possible by